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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Practical Google Adsense Strategy Revealed

We all know the key to "using" Google Adsense effectively is to first have keyword optimized content. Second is to have your HTML Meta Tags in order. Third, is to have tons of relevant content. Ok, maybe that's not everything but that is a great start. Another strategy that is widely used but not always mentioned is using Adwords to drive traffic to your "optimized" content rich Adsense pages.

Its true that you can't force someone to click on an ad on your Adsense page but your chances are much better if you can drive them to your page.

Believe it or not, the best Adwords Guide is provided for free by Google because when you do well they do better. The only thing Google doesn't do mush of is showing you strategy, but that's okay because your learning that now. You have to watch your Adwords Money to ensure that you aren't draining your budget without seeing profits.

Your Google Adsense Adwords ads (as I like to call them) need to be relevant to the content on your page. Once you have found a profitable market, followed my instructions for writing effective ads, you need to strategically place adsense text ads in and around the content of your webpages, continue to build on the content of your website, and closely monitor your budget (I call this Adwords Management).

Since you can't squeeze blood from a turnip you must first ensuring your in a traffic generating market by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Once you've obtained a targeted amount of keywords use the traffic estimator tool to see how many clicks you can expect to receive. I suggest bidding no more than .05 per click (CPC) and no more than $1.00 a day. This way you can see if the clicks you get turn into Adsense earnings.

If your Adwords Marketing efforts are getting clicks but no one is clicking on the Adsense ads then you want to ensure your content is worth reading; if your ad says one thing and the content on your page says another the visitor will not stay. You should also try different ads and ad placement. Internet Marketing on a whole requires split testing to see how your market responds best.

This strategy can also be used to send traffic to your sales page, squeeze page or landing page.

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