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Friday, February 9, 2007

Outsource And Grow Your Internet Business

The knowledge I've obtained online will set my family and I up for a profitable future. Focusing on organic search engine optimization is not only cheaper but easier to maintain than the alternative (pay per click).

High Search Volume keywords/phrases and how to affectively add them to your website content (without being spammy) can be challenging. If you do not focus on this you will lose out on potential exposure. Online exposure is one thing, knowing what to do with that exposure is another.

Granted, that organic search engine optimization takes time but having some patience in this area will pay in the long run. Pay Per Click is a way to get your website exposed but the downside is that you have to pay whenever someone clicks on a ad you created so it is best to
already have planned what you want the traffic generated from PPC to do. For instance, an opt-in email squeeze page has proven to be very effective.

A buddy of mine said he would "drop me a few dollars" to flip for him (online). I had to explain to him that I'm not selling dope online and his version of "a few dollars" wouldn't be enough to pay for lunch (lol!). My online business is structured for gradual financial growth. Ok, maybe when I learn what the "big dogs" know the "gradual" will become expeditious growth. When I can outsource enough to the point that the business almost runs on its own I will spend a little money on myself. Until then I'm still on the grind!

The key is organization and outsourcing where it is smart and affordable for you. Early on I was under the impression that I'd have time to not only write all the content but to submit everything to the directories (Article Marketing). HA! I've since hired a freelance writer whom of which I give explicit instructions on what I need written (what it will be used for, etc). I also outsource website directory submissions.

My job consists of looking for Niches that will generate substantial daily traffic, pick a relevant domain name, web hosting, and web marketing strategies (I will eventually outsource this too). Outsourcing has freed up more time for me to work on the most important aspects of my business (traffic rich websites) I enjoy learning new proven profit strategies especially those with low overhead and high return on investment.