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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Increase Your List Building Results With The Google Keyword Tool

Starting any Marketing campaign is useless if you do not do the proper marketing research. Don't waste time trying to create a market when you can market to one that already exists. Google Adwords Keyword tool costs nothing and out performs any tool on the market.

The key mistake made by most unsuccessful marketers is the lack of, abuse of or improper use of keywords in their articles, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and on their landingpage. If the keywords in your PPC campaigns, do not rank well, don't match your product, and are not relevant to your landing page you may end up with less than successful marketing results.

Keywords: words and or phrases that search engines record when users do a search. The more a keyword or phrase has been searched on is the first indication of its quality.

It's important that you understand the value and how to properly use keywords and phrases in marketing and how it relates to not only finding a market but also products relevant to that market.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of products on the market that claim to give you the best keyword and keyword phrases in any market.

Please create a Google account if you already have not.

Since 80% of the worlds Keyword Traffic goes through Google it's a no brainer to use the Google keyword suggestion tool. (and it costs nothing!)

Go to: [].

  1. Select "descriptive words or phrases" on the left,

  2. check "use synonyms" in the center,

  3. type the word "stress" in the box above,

  4. type in the correct security letters,

  5. click "Get keyword ideas".

"Approximate search volume" shows how many times your keyword or phrase was searched on for the previous month. This information sometimes runs in line with the "Approximate average search volume" which shows the searches for the last 12 months. "Advertiser competition" means just that, how many websites are using these keywords or phrases.

It's not uncommon to find a keyword or phrase with high search volume and low competition. Finding these types of keywords can be the start to a Successful Marketing campaign. On the other hand, if done correctly you can successfully compete using a highly competitive list of keywords.

To view how Google rates your competition, go to: and type "stress" in the Google search bar. At the time I wrote this article was second in the list of websites competing for the keyword "stress". The PPC ads under the "sponsored links" section on the right (PPC) shows you what stress related products others are offering to this market (this is a second indication of a quality keyword). Go back to the Google Keyword Tool and select "website content" on the left and place [] in the appropriate field then select "Get keyword ideas".

This shows you the "Keywords related to stress..." within the website The keywords are abundant and cover many of the topics related to stress which is why Google places this site in the top of its search engine ranking for the keyword "stress".

Looking at this information gives you an idea of:

  • how to structure your website using similar keywords and phrases.

  • The high keyword phrases such as "stress management" gives you ideas on marketing campaigns.

  • Article content for articles to post on Ezines.

  • Landing page content.

  • ebook subjects.

  • PPC keyword phrases to use.

  • Blog content

If you’re using PPC ads to get signups to your email list then using Keywords in your ads that are related to your market are top priority. For example: If your Landing Page is promoting stress reduction techniques (among other keywords related to stress); you PPC ad could read:

Learn Stress Reduction
Practical techniques that promote
Stress Reduction, No Cost Report.

You already know that stress reduction is a favorably searched on keyword phrase. It is obvious that those who click on your ad will only be interested in reducing stress. This is how you create Targeted Op-in Email List of subscribers. You can do the same thing with articles you write and submit to ezines.

I've just given you a grass roots Internet Marketing strategy that will allow you to find profitable markets. This is not the "end all be all" but it is a solid foundation which allows you to grasp how some of the top online marketers create opt in email lists with thousands of subscribers, make a decision on what to market and how to create an Internet Marketing Product for their market. If your interested in building a responsive opt in email list for a limited time I am offering my report ($97.00 VALUE) at no cost.

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