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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Important Questions For Entrepreneurs’

  1. Do you have a marketing Plan?

  2. What Market Research lead you to believe there is a need for your product or service?

  3. Who are you Marketing too?

  4. How do you entice your market?

  5. How do you retain your market so you can market related products to them in the future?

  6. What are the key points of your Marketing Strategy?

  7. How do you keep in touch with your market?

  8. Do you spend more time developing your business than you do Marketing it?

  9. Do you split test your marketing efforts

  10. How do you tweak your marketing campaign(s)?

  11. What marketing tips do you have for new and existing businesses?


Attract Targeted Customers With Google PPC

The first piece to the puzzle is your marketing research

....anther piece to the puzzle is to ensure your landing page
reflects what your Pay Per Click (PPC ) ads are saying.

For instance: if your Google PPC ad says:

Buy Hairy Pink Fish
Really cheap Hairy Pink Fish
Buy your Hairy Fish here.

Your landing page should have everything devoted to Pink Hairy Fish
but the main focus should be on the Fish.

Although you would expect someone who is interested in Pink Hairy Fish to be interested in the accessories your ad was specific and therefore the person that clicked on it is looking for what you advertised.

That person would be called a "targeted customer".

Your PPC ad should not offer to sale Pink Hairy Fish and then your capture page only offers
the accessories. Your ad has to be specific or you will get the
clicks but not the sales.

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