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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stay Focused, Diversify And Grow Your Business

I suggest netrepreneurs expand/diversify with more sites and unique angles of content to complement their key business and activities.(Nelson Tan)

How do we diversify, stay focused on our market, find a unique angle, test and implement profitable strategies then repeat these steps over and over again? First off, having multiple websites can be an administrative nightmare. Not only do you have to:

  1. check email
  2. reply to email
  3. keyword research
  4. create content
  5. add new content for your website
  6. create content for your email campaign
  7. send out emails to your email list
  8. upload ad placement code to new pages on your website and blog
  9. affiliate product
  10. optimize ads
  11. update site maps
  12. update rss feeds
  13. back link strategy (posts to forums, blogs, etc)
  14. article directory submission
  15. search engine directory submission

At some point you will have to test different page elements, ads, layouts, content, etc to see which performs better, then change your other campaigns to match it.

All of this will need to be done at least once a week. But, you need to check and respond to email every two days.


Once you have done this for a while one of five things will happen (or all five):

  1. your websites updates will slowly start to "fall by the wayside”
  2. email questions don’t get answered in a timely fashion
  3. email lists start to opt-out
  4. you will go mad
  5. you will outsource

Number 5 isn't bad; actually, outsourcing can be your way to effectively grow your business. Lets face it, it takes time to be successful online (far less time than it does in most other industries).

Having “too much on your plate” can overshadow your creativity.

So turn off the TV, turn the Jazz and start researching keywords as a foundation for your next killer web site and/or Blog.

Some people don't feel that Internet Businesses are worth the time and the mental workout you get from analyzing enormous amounts of data. That being said, what most don't realize is that even with all of the above responsibilities you still work far less and have the potential to make more money than you would have ever seen if you'd been going from job to job and waiting on a pay raise.

Until next time


p.s. Sometimes you can find an excellent niche, write a how-to ebook, create an awesome landing/sales page, start an Adwords campaign and drive targeted traffic to your sales page. This method can draw you an amazing amount of daily income. This is slightly harder than it sounds.

p.s.s. Life deals us a great deal of responsibility but you have to realize when to ask for help (and that all help is not free but still worth paying for).