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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Think It's Time For Another Elance Promo Code

For small to medium size businesses, outsourcing permits time for growing and expanding the business. Elance Inc created a service marketplace where service providers promote their business through the work they have done for other buyers.

In 2004 Elance launched their sales and marketing category in order to fill the demand for the growing advertising marketing, public relations and lead generation requests. Using Elance promo code NYP1 providers who signed up were able to receive a 40% membership discount. This attracted an influx of service providers who had unlimited access to thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses that needed services for:

1. Website development
2. Graphic Design and Art
3. Writing and Translation
4. Sales and Marketing
5. Management and Finance
6. Audio, Video and Multimedia
7. Administrative Support
8. Software and Technology

Using the 40% discount Elance promo code as an enticement Elance was able to draw in more service providers for its growing buyers market.

Provider: the individual providing the work requested.
Buyer: the individual requesting work to be done.

Elance can work for you whether you are a buyer or a provider. Internet marketers need time to research their website content to determine its value online. After an Internet Marketer finds a strategie it takes time to compile, proof and implement. an Elance service provider can save you valuable time in the compiling, proofing and even marketing areas. On the other hand, if you build websites, write, proofread, etc you can instantly be in contact with people looking for your services. Check out Elance today to see how it can work for you.

If you want to become a Provider on Elance do not forget to request a Promo code [all they can say is no].

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Blog and your Internet Marketing

A Blog can be a main Internet hustle or an addition to your arsenal of marketing strategies. Forums, articles, videos, give-aways, how-to’s, member sites, audios’, etc are all part of a dominating mix of marketing tools.

Oh, I forgot to mention the Blog. I like to think of a Blog for what it is, a Web Log or journal.

I use to feel like a Blog would be too much to maintain. Having never had a Diary or a Journal as a child or adult I didn’t realize how easy it was to write about what you do on a day to day basis.

At the moment I spend 5 or more days a week building my Internet Marketing Empire so I have a lot to talk about. Everything in Internet Marketing doesn’t go smoothly and those things make for a great read.

So if you are getting your Internet Hustle on (no matter the capacity) put your day to day grind in a Blog, keep it relevant to one of your websites and link to it.

A Blog can create a flood of Online Interest in your business. Although your Blog posts may be about how you run your shop you can still use keyword strategies and even post to Ezines.

I have to admit I set this Blog up earlier this year, posted a couple of things then started a new marketing strategy and let my Blog collect dust.

I have realized my mistake in not regularly building my Blog but then again I’m a very busy man. My family will not allow me to let Internet Marketing consume me.

My advise to anyone contemplating building a blog but wants to do it “right the first time”, would be to start it and shape it as you go.


If your blogging for advertising dollars, Plan to Build a Blog that has relevant topics.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

At Home Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Everyone has thought about working from home at one time or another but with the day to day trials of life makes it is hard to get motivated. Data Entry Clerk is a home based business that can be added to many forms of computing and or typing. For instance, Google Adwords data entry jobs have been popping up online.

While searching for a Data Entry Clerk Job I immediately noticed that a company had created a program that basically allowed users to enter ad campaigns for advertising on Google. Most would call this Internet Marketing but since you’re "entering data" it has been transformed into something else for those unfamiliar with online businesses. This is not a scam but an ingenious way to earn extra income advertising products with a high conversion rate.

The only drawback is that your ads have to attract targeted traffic. The link you send your traffic to must to cater to their need which in most cases is enticing them to buy. If you do not have the experience with these two steps then get it before you waste your time and money.

Other Data Entry Clerk Jobs are paid based on how much work you finish accurately. Records Keeping also known as Book Keeping are data entry positions that are often outsourced. What this means for you is that you can take advantage of as many positions that you can handle. Remember; accuracy and the amount of work you finish are key.

When you subscribe too or purchase a data entry course make sure you thoroughly read and complete the materials before publicly commenting on its claims. Some people do not devote the quality time necessary to achieve successful results (follow the instructions) and they immediately cry “scam”.

Proofreading is also considered a data entry job although you may not have to enter much data. Most people, me included write numerous articles but do not own any proofreading software so we depend on the human element to check our punctuation.

Becoming a part-time Data Entry Clerk can end up a full-time experience if done and promoted correctly. Once you have built a solid foundation of profitable positions you can solicit others who are interested in similar money earning online home based businesses.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Opt-in Email Generation And Your Website

Starting an Internet business can and should be done on a shoe string budget.


If you do have the scratch [money] to invest in your business then I suggest you do so. The funny thing about investing YOUR MONEY in your business is that; well it’s "your money". Heck, I'm no spring chicken and I need to get my business moving. So I have decided that in order to free up time to create another stream of income I need to outsource.

I’ve always wanted to build a large email list of people interested in online business and the many components it takes to build it into a successful empire. To achieve the email addresses of any semi-targeted market you need to offer something only that market would be interested in and offer it at no charge.

Yes…give it away!

So, I outlined a 35+ page report and requested bids on compiling it into a PDF. Along with the PDF I will be an audio/video for those who respond well to visuals. I will convert my home page into a landing page for people to opt into my email list. Those who receive the PDF can share it as long as the Reprint Guidlines are followed.

I will have a cool book and CD e-cover created; get a professional photo and some irresistable but short copy and viola the email signups should start to roll in.

Well not exactly…

To continue generating traffic to my homepage/landing page/squeeze page I will continue to submit articles to over 400 article directories at least once a week (with my link attached). I will also continue to add no more than 2 articles to my websites at least once a week.

Opt in email newsletters should offer something of value for the first 3 weeks with no more than 3 emails per week [and maybe a broadcast]. I will build a trusting relationship with my list and hopefully they will look forward to hearing from me. Occationally I will offer my products for sale and affiliate products that I have purchased and successfully used.

With all the responsibilities I have, adding articles to my website has fallen by the wayside for the last two weeks and I feel terrible about it :-(. In my defence, I have been doing a large amount of Keyword and Keyword Phrase research to ensure that the articles I put out are worth putting out.

Until next time…
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